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What is Excellent Service For Students?

Reflective diary
The achievement of which I am proudest is:
I am proud of the results of the research that I have carried out, that has established the relationship between the management of universities and the students. I was able to utilize my writing skills to record the relationship between students and the management of universities. Completing this assignment gives me pride since I was able to leave behind a resource that will not only be resourceful to other students interested in the subject but also the management of the universities.

The thing I found most surprising was:
 I was surprised by the fact that foreign students have populated the universities and increased the student enrolment rate in the united states while the local students’ enrolment has decreased greatly. If I were to advise the universities, I would encourage more marketing activities in the localities that the universities are located.
The area I found most challenging was:
Using the primary sources of the research such as interviews with a few management personalities and students was challenging. This was particularly so because most of the students were unwilling to answer my questions and it was even more challenging to meet up with any management personalities of universities.
The area I would like to improve is:
I would like to improve on my research and writing skills. I have found many challenges gathering statistical data while writing this report but after some great effort and consumption of time, I was able to gather the information that I required. I would like to improve on my speed and the time management skills to ensure that I have a good paper within the given time.
An example of when I used my research skills
The information in the essay was gathered from different resources. This includes both the primary and secondary sources of data. To compile the essay I had to do research on the already researched issues that I was interested in. However, the information required was not all available in the written documents and this required further research. I engaged in both formal and informal interviews with the management, teachers and students in the universities. To discover the influences of the university of choice for the students, I asked a few of the students of the factors considered while choosing an universities. This research resulted to the compilation of this report.
An example of when I used my writing skills
Compiling and writing the essay required a lot of writing skills that I have used to create a flow in the essay. The flow of the essay and the arrangement of the topics and points discussed give a clear picture of the writing skills acquired and utilized.
An example of when I provided a solution to the universities
Compiling this document gives a reference point for the universities and particularly the universities management and administration. I also suggested a few strategies that can be used to improve the enrolment rate in different universities during one of my informal interviews.
Areas that I suggest for future studies:
There are very few studies carried out on the challenges found with the perception of students as customers. The universities unlike other businesses choose what to offer their students and the students as the customers may alter the quality of education.  This perception can also lead to a number of challenges that affect the stakeholders of the universities and consequently, it is important to research on the consequences that may be faced by the treatment of students as customers.


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