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9 Easy Steps For Creative Writing

Do you really want to be a good writer? If so! Stick with us we tell you about Creative Writing Tips that guide you along the way.

  • 1.       Get Ready To Be A Writer: First thing to get ready to be a writer, you need to have your writing resource, find a comfort writing place and zone, improved writing habit and reading habit. A real writer does not need too much equipment; you just need to have only pens, pencils, paper or your Macbook, Laptop or Tablet. Next, find a place that makes you creative imagination expands. It could be your bedroom or wherever you like. If you like music along the way, just play it!
  • 2.       Create Your Writing Styles and Ideas: A good writer read as much as she can. By doing so, it will help you discover your writing style. Writing style is your unique skill; it is how you talk to your readers. Then you need to explore the ideas. Where can you find ideas? Just at everything around you! There are billions of ideas you will find.
  • 3.       Create Characters: A creative writer knows how to create characters. Each character must be unique and make readers care about. To create good characters, you can look at your friends, anyone around or animal and nature.
  • 4.       Decide Your Story’s Viewpoint: Before you start your story, you need to decide whether you want to tell your readers about everything related to your characters at once or you want to reveal it stage by stage. That’s your call!
  • 5.       Get Ready To Write: When you feel you are ready to write, start a few paragraphs. It is a good way to keep your story flow. But do not though it all at once!
  • 6.       Make Powerful Words: Powerful words are very important in story-telling. Using powerful word is like have a magic wand. So think and write vivid or powerful words as much as you can think of.
  • 7.       Make Characters Speak: Make your characters speak to each other or think. This will help your readers hear your characters talking and get to know them.
  • 8.       Edit Your Story: After you finish your first story, give yourself time to rest before start editing. So it is easy for you to find mistakes in your story. And find out all the errors including spellings and grammars errors.
  • 9.       Complete Your Story and Next! Now you have your story done. It is your choice to decide where to make a new story or continue writing your story. Some stories like Harry Potter, Narnia and Star Wars are series stories. Decide!

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